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OriginVideo games began to take speed in popularity with the inception of Atari as a video game manufacturing company. And ever since the developments in the industry have been staggering. From pixelated stick figure to today ultra HD surreal visuals, technology has had a lot to contribute in its growth. As of 2015, the video gaming business was worth over 90 billion dollars, annually. And this is a growth that has happened eventually, with every evolving and hi-tech visualized, video game titles. A name that is almost analogs to modern gaming is EA and its video gaming titles. To organize this segment of gamers, the application Origin was created. Origin is a platform for PC games where one can buy and subscribe games of all kinds while covering the need for keeping users in touch with their friends and other gamers.

Features of Origin v.

The following are some of the features of the platform:

  • The application is available in 2 options, one is Basic and the other is Premier. The Basic version allows the user to access the newest games only for a limited period of time, whereas the premier version exhibits unrestricted access to the user.
  • The application helps the user download game titles quickly and without any hindrance. By optimizing system capabilities and internet speed.
  • Single player games can be enjoyed by the user even when the user is not to the internet.
  • The application supports cloud saving of progress made in games or even the games themselves so that one can access the games on the various PCs.

How to download Origin v.

Origin is available for both Windows and Mac devices. Click here to download the app.

Download Origin