Download Origin v10.4.12.599

OriginOrigin is an essential software for all compete games as the software allows users to manage all their online games in one place. It is a software produced by EA and is available for all gamers. The software is a video game library and also an authentication platform. The users can download and play and EA(Electronic Arts) game on their computers using this software. Origin is available across various different computer platforms like Windows, MacOS and also on some mobile devices. The users can also buy their favourite games online and download any online game using Origin.

Features of Origin v10.4.12.599

  • Game library- Origin allows it’s users to access all their games in one library. This makes it easy for all gamers to look for their games without having to waste time browsing for it.
  • Play games without CDs- It is best known for its download feature which helps users to download their favourite game online and play it without having to buy the CDs. They can simply buy it online and play.
  • Fast download- It is optimized in order to help the users download games faster without having to wait for a long time. This helps the users to save time.
  • Voice and text chat- It has a unique feature which allows the users to text their friends and community within the software. They can even voice chat in order to connect with the users.
  • Cloud save- It gives the option to save games on Cloud which allows users to save space and access the games from any PC.

How to download Origin v10.4.12.599?

The link to download Origin software is given below. Click here to start the download.

Download Origin