Download Origin v10.5.18.603

OriginOrigin is an online digital distribution management platform for online gaming by EA (Electronic Arts). It allows users to browse through and purchase a numerous amount of games for PC, macOS and mobile devices. Users can purchase any amount of games, which shall be indefinitely available to the user after purchase. Games are purchased as a software instead of a box, disc or CD, and is associated to the user’s Origin account and can be downloaded using the corresponding Origin client.

Features of Origin v10.5.18.603

1. Origin offers games from EA’s catalog that can be purchased directly for their own PC/macOS device.
2. It games support cloud saves online for when you want to switch to a different machine for playing or don’t want to/can’t access your hard drive.
3. Offline mode i.e., users can play single player games without internet access just through their hard drive.
4. It has a friend list and group up options to play with or against your friends.
5. It offers a chat for text chat, and whilst you play you can plug in your microphone and talk to your friends over the game.
6. It users can upload shots of their game, in case they think it is worth sharing or if they hit some major milestones by broadcasting on Twitch with the press of a button to all the other Origin members.
7. It also has a pro customer service team with a set of experts and a no-risk return policy, with Great Game Guarantee wherein you can return any game you don’t want after having purchased it.

How to download Origin v10.5.18.603?

You can download their Origin through the following links:

Download Origin