Download Origin v10.5.18.685

OriginOrigin is a digital distribution software that was launched in January, 2011. It is an online gaming platform developed by Electronic Arts. it serves an online gaming platform that allows users to purchase games for their computer system and phones. Origin enabled games are the games which have Origin as their mandatory requirement. FA Way Out, FIFA, Battlefield, The dead space, etc, are some examples of Origin-enabled games. Origin is also a social networking and Digital Rights management platform.

Features of Origin v10.5.18.685

Origin offers the following given features

 Origin software is available in no less than 19 languages which have provided it a wide reach
 Origin comes with a large number of social features such as profile management, networking with friends, and direct game joining along with in-game overlay. It also involves community interaction on Facebook and other such sites.
 Origin store allows users to browse a wide variety of games that can purchased via Origin store.
Origin ensures that the game once purchased need not be renewed or purchased again. The game can be downloaded an infinite number of times and be played without further requirements. The purchased software is immediately attached to the user’s Origin account.
 Origin Client is self-updating software that awares the users about new updations available. The
games packs can be downloaded and extended using Origin Clients. It updates the users about
boosts available to enhance the work performance and quality of the game

How to download Origin v10.5.18.685?

Click on the link given below

Download Origin.