Download Origin v10.5.18.701

OriginOrigin is an online gaming management platform. Origin is developed another successful creation of Electronic Art. The software allows users to purchase games for their personal computers. Released in the year 2011, Origin secured almost 50 million registered users in the year 2013. Origin is best known for its Ultima, Wing Commander, and Crusader game franchises.

Features of Origin v10.5.18.701

Origin is one of most high rated software that comes integrated with the following given features-

  • Origin is a cross platform software that is compatible for many operating systems. The software runs successfully on Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Facebook platform.
  • The software has gained wide reach due to its feature of being multilingual software. It is available in 19 languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and others.
  • It is known for its social features such as profile management, networking with friends with chat and direct game joining along with an in-game overlay.
  • It offers streaming via Twitch TV and sharing of game library and community integration with networking sites like Xbox Live, Nintendo Network, etc.
  • The software comes integrated with an Origin Store. It contains a wide variety of games which can be purchased by the users. The games once purchases need not be purchased again or renewed. The game can be downloaded an infinite number of times.
  • Another salient feature of the software is that it contains Origin Client which is a self- updating software that awares the users about new updates available. The game packs can be downloaded and extended using Origin Clients.

How to download Origin v10.5.18.701?

The software can be downloaded using the link given below

Download Origin