Download Origin v10.5.18.715

OriginOrigin is widely known as the digital distribution software. It is basically an online gaming, digital distribution, and digital rights management platform developed by Electronic Arts. Origin also allows users to purchase games for PC. It was released in the year 2001 in the month of June. Soon, the application secured 50 million registered users. It became the most popular application.

Features of Origin v10.5.18.715

Features- Origin offers the following basic features to its users,
 The software contains a large number of social features which include profile management, networking with friends with chat and direct game joining along with an in-game overlay.
 Origin also allows community integration with networking sites like Facebook, Xbox Live, Nintendo network, and PlayStation network.
 There are many games available on the Origin Store which include Battlefield, A Way Out, Dead Space, Need for Speed, and such other popular games.
 One of the most important features of Origin is the Origin Store. The store contains a sufficiently large number of games and it also makes sure that the games once purchased need not be purchased again.
Origin comes integrated with the Origin client which is a self-updating software. The origin client aware the users of new features available and upgrades available of the games already downloaded or purchased.
 In addition to the above-mentioned features, Origin is available in 19 languages including
English, Chinese, French, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, and others.

How to download Origin v10.5.18.715

In order to download games from Origin, users can visit the official site of Origin using the link given below.

Download Origin