Download Origin v9.11.1.6605

OriginElectronic Arts developed a platform which provides facilities for online gaming, digital distribution and digital rights management(DRM) called ORIGIN which is furtherly known as a digital distribution software. It was initially released in June 2011. Later In February 2013, a macOS client was released. Users and purchase games for PC and mobile platforms.

Features of Origin v9.11.1.6605

  • Users can purchase games for full price from electronic arts’ catalogs of origin store. The download will be available forever after the purchase and there is no limit to download a game number of times.
  • It is compatible and is available on platforms like Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and even Facebook platform. Also available in 19 languages.
  • A self-updating software exits which allow users to download games, expansion packs, patches and even display the status of components available. This software is called origin-client.
  • Origin also maintains profile management and has the feature of networking with
    friends. Users can even chat online.
  • Users can even stream to twitch TV which is also an online video gaming community and users can directly join games using an in-game overlay.
  • Origin also facilitates sharing of game libraries. Facebook, Xbox Live, PlayStation network, are the networking sites which enhances community integration.
  • Electronic Arts is planning to launch origin platform for mobile devices such as iOS devices.
  • This is easy to download and install. Automatic updates, cloud save options are also available.

How to download Origin v9.11.1.6605?

Now enjoy playing great games on your PC by downloading this. Click on the link provided to do so.

Download Origin