Download Origin v9.4.1.116

OriginOrigin is specifically designed website for buying games for smartphones and PC. It uses a
high-tech program and code-based user-interface for online gaming and other digital
distribution. It is available for Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS, Android and Facebook in 19
languages. Other than a gaming site, it also acts as a social networking site which can be used
to chat with friends, invite them to play the game online and see the leaderboard. However, its new and advanced versions can be accessed after payment of monthly and yearly subscription plan. The contact details, latest purchases, and releases are automatically synced by this self-updating software. It optimizes the data for fast downloads. It also allows streaming on Twitter. Gaming community on Twitter and Facebook can be joined easily through this platform.

Features of Origin v9.4.1.116

  • ¬†Origin enables batch processing of multiple files. Moreover, datasets with summary report
    can also be prepared.
  • It offers batch peak analysis.
  • It allows the software to export multiple graphs to PowerPoint.
  • You can also protect your data of Origin project and audit log through setting password.
  • It brought custom menu configuration and user-defined LabTalk script functions support.
  • It offers signal decimation and rise and fall time analysis.

How to download Origin v9.4.1.116?

Origin software can be installed easily through the link mentioned here. Click on it and download the file. Once done with downloading, open the file to install. Accept terms and conditions and finish the installation.

Download Origin