Download Origin v9.4.10.297

OriginOrigin is the online gaming   digital distribution and digital rights management. It is a developed platform by Electronic Arts. It is released in the market on February 8 2013. It includes social features like profile management and networking. User can chat and invite friends in this game. They can connect to devices such as TV or Smart Tv for more real experience. Origin has a total of 50 million registered users.

Features of Origin v9.4.10.297

  • Origin has integration with networking sites like Facebook, Xbox live, Play station network and Nintendo network.
  • This application has inbuilt store for purchasing games introduced by Electronic Arts.
  • There is no such thing like limits for downloading the number of games through this app.
  • In the year of 2016 EA released a subscription service for allowing the users to access and play games in their pc.
  • The recently introduced feature is availing 10 percent discount on all Origin purchases to the subscribers.
  • It has also introduced a new premium tier in the application and they call it Origin access premier.
  • Above feature allows the origin users to play the future EA games earlier in full versions in contrast to First trails.
  • Origin mobile enables all the achievements and progress in a game to sync across both the platforms.
  • The latest games from this includes FIFA 18, Need For Speed, Syndicate etc., which are most popular games and trending now.

How to download Origin?

A game in a PC or a mobile always helps the user to involve in it to get maximum contentment. Such experience is availed through the vast ocean of all types of games called ORIGIN. So don’t wait to click the link given below in the article to download and install it in your device.

Download Origin