Download Origin v9.4.6.2792

OriginOrigin is an software developed by Electronic Arts that helps users to purchase games online for both PC and mobile devices. It also offers exclusive deals and early trials of new and anticipated games before release to it’s customers.

Features of Origin v9.4.6.2792

  • Origin¬†accessed Basic members get exclusive access to pre-released games for a limited time.
  • Origin Access Premier members get access to full version of the games available on the platform.
  • Origin offers a 10% discount which is applicable to both types of membership.
  • Games downloaded through Origin can be played without an active internet connection.
  • Downloads are optimized in such a way that you can play the hottest titles even if your downloads are still in progress.
  • It also offers the ability to save the games on their cloud servers, in case users wish to play it on a different computer altogether.
  • Organise all your purchases from a single library.
  • Play your favorite games with all your friends and family for a much more enjoyable experience.
  • Chat with your friends and teammates using our own voice and chat system seamlessly.
  • Offers Professional gamers to stream their skills right onto Twitch without any additional setup.
  • Origin is available for both Windows and Mac.
  • Joining the origin community offers access to a variety of exclusive discounts and giveaways.

How to download Origin v9.4.6.2792?

You can get Origin from the link given below.

Download Origin