Download Origin v9.4.7.2799

OriginGaming pioneers EA developed an app called the origin. This app is a video game library and is also an authentication platform. The app also allows the user to play EA games on their PC. The Origin app allows the users to buy their favorite games on both PC and mobile online. It is also an Electronic Arts(EA) certified gaming platform. The app is available on most platforms like Microsoft Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android.

Features of Origin v9.4.7.2799

  • Play games without CDs- The app is mainly for the app to bring PC games to the users without having to purchase CDs. The app also allows the user to purchase games online.
  • Single game library- The Origin app keeps all the games in the library saving up all your time in searching the games.
  •  Faster download-The app downloads are optimized and give the user the best experience in downloading
    games. The downloads are less time-consuming.
  • Text and voice chat-The app offers text and voice chat for users allowing them to connect with their friends and
  • Cloud saves-The app also comes with another feature that allows the game to be saved in Cloud allowing
    them to access the game from any PC.

How to download Origin v9.4.7.2799

The link to download the software is attached below. Please click on the link to download the software. The origin app is the best app for gamers who love to download and play games.

Download Origin