Download Origin v9.7.2.53208

OriginOrigin is an application developed by Electronics Arts with the aim to provide gamers to download any game they like without any difficulty. The users can play online games and download them without any CDs or other devices. One can even connect with gamers while playing. One can even chat and connect to Facebook and other networking sites while online gaming. It allows the users to download games for their PCs. It supports both Windows and Mac.

Features of Origin v9.7.2.53208

Some of the amazing features of this application are stated as follows.

  • Origin assures its users that they can download any game after subscribing to the app and that one game can be downloaded for any number of times.
  • One can create a profile in origin and can even connect with friends.
  • The user can even play games while in offline mode.
  • The application even has the feature of cloud save, which means even if you are signing in from another PC you would be able to play the games that you have saved from your account.
  • The library feature helps in storing all your games at one place so that you don’t have to search for the games anymore.
  • Origin assures its users fast download of any game of any size.

How to download Origin?

You can download the application from the link provided below. You can even sign in from the official website. For getting access to all the features, you need to be a premium member. Though you can play the games some basic games without being a premium member too.

Download Origin