Download Origin v8.4

OriginAs an online platform created by Electronic Arts, Origin 8.4 and its various other versions is continuously being used by most of the gaming community on the planet. With some of the most popular gamed like FIFA, Battlefield and Star Wars requiring Origin, in order to play them on your computer, it has earned a reputation of its own. The platform comes with the huge advantage of letting you back up all your games on the cloud and accessing them at any time and place you want, even on different operating systems so that you can switch between OS and Windows when you feel like, as long as it is connected to Origin. It brings the entire gaming universe to you in a single application. With streamlined downloads, the Origin 8.4 client is designed to keep you connected to your gaming friends, no matter which device they are using.

Release Notes of Origin v8.4

  • On the Origin 8.4 client, the Origin ID can now be changed from the settings.
  • Password security has also been revamped and lesser secure passwords will be asked to choose stronger ones.
  • Also, you can delay required updates without disturbing access to offline mode.
  • Along with these, many small bug fixes have been made.

How to download Origin v8.4?

To download Origin on your PC or Laptop just choose the Operating System you want to install it on and click on the ‘Download’ button. You can upgrade to the Premier version by paying a subscription fees after registering on the Origin website.

Download Origin

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