Download Origin v9.1.3.2636

OriginOrigin is the gaming platform of electronic sports that is required to play and run their games. It allows users to purchase games for PC and mobile. Even though many people are not in favor of this application, it might be still worth the installation. You can even play online games but the best part is that it provides  downloadable games at very good prices. It may not share the same fame as steam but it still contains some really cool games for free. It is available on windows and macOS. It works for 19 languages and might turn out to be a very useful application for you.

Features of Origin v9.1.3.2636

The features of this gaming platform Origin are:

  • Contains profile management, chat and networking with friends and permits direct joining in the game.
  • A game can be downloaded numerous times once purchased.
  • Self updating software.
  • Client and download performance improved.
  • Expansion packs and content booster packs available.
  • Subscription can be done monthly or yearly for a certain EA games.
  • Origin allows cloud game saves which secures your game data.
  • Auto patching and cross platform release.
  • Can share information and personal achievements on social networking sites such as Facebook.
  • Group chat options included.
  • Origin premier access allows you to play future EA games early.
  • Variety of popular and underrated games.
  • Organized gaming experience.

How to download Origin?

Click the link below to download the application.

Download Origin

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